John T. Davis

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John T. Davis


John T. Davis


Yes! Attending Reunion
What year did you Graduate? 1969
Military Service: US Army  
Where have you lived and where do you live now? Belton, TX USA
Married, divorced, single? Phyllis Drew, 28th March 1970
Kids, Grandkids, Great Grandkids? Tell us about them: 3 Grandsons, 20 Who is in the Army, and a 18 and 14 years old, they live in San Luis Obispo County
Still working or retired? Highlights you want to share: Retired 2010
Do you have a blog or website you would like to share with your Classmates?
What years did you attend FUHS?

1965 to 1969

What Elementary School Did You Attend?

Fern Drive, Los Lomas Ave (La Habra), Ford Ave. and Wilshire Jr. High.

Tell us about your life and travels since FUHS:

I have been blessed, I have been all around the world and have traveled to the point that I have lost track. I did a year in Thailand and Viet Nam, Phyllis and I lived in Hawaii for 3 years when I was in the Army and have been back lots of times.

We moved to Belton, Texas (2018) after living in Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, for 34 Years. I keep in touch with 4 or 5 friends from FUHS.

If you remember Me (Tom) or Phyllis (Drew) I would like to hear from you!

Best FUHS School Memories:

Steve Heape and I, brought back snow on the last day before Christmas break, snow fight on Senior Corner. John Hornage and I went to the Plymouth trouble shooting contest. Sophomore year, Dennis Haughn and I cut school to go the beach, and got pick up by the police for truancy.
Hanging out at Carter Bowl, Anaheim Drive In and Hillcrest park. We were always on the verge of getting in trouble. Surprising we did not all end up in jail. I had a 1957 Ford Station Wagon, painted bright green with the windows blacked out, every mother's nightmare.
Phyllis and I cut last period and were seen by Mrs. Franks, Phyllis's mom wrote her a note, and the office did not except it. I told the truth and was let off.

Who Was Your Favorite Teacher?

Mr. Strange ( US History )
Mr. Fowler ( Jr. English )
Mr. Winters ( Electronic )
Mr. DeGroot aka Hamburger, ( Drivers ED )
Mr. Vetter ( Auto Shop ) all though he kicked me out of his class for Driving my car on the street during class