Rounscival S. Harrison

Profile Updated: October 23, 2021
What year did you Graduate? 1959
Military Service: 1A well into the 70s after dental school  
Where have you lived and where do you live now? San Francisco, CA USA
Married, divorced, single? Married
Kids, Grandkids, Great Grandkids? Tell us about them: None by choice
Still working or retired? Highlights you want to share: retired, 2002
What years did you attend FUHS?


What Elementary School Did You Attend?

Van Nuys, CA

Tell us about your life and travels since FUHS:

FJC as an unprepared student, spring 1962 lived in Vienna, wandered inclusively through Europe from Greece/Yugoslavia to Spain/United Kingdom, UCLA BA undergrad, USC dental school practiced 1968 to 2002 retiring in San Francisco, ranch in Anderson Valley 1985-2006, traveled So. Am, Mexico, Canada, western europe, China, Central Asia, Pakistan, Tibet, Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Myanmar

Best FUHS School Memories:

Cross country with The Goose and the smog so bad it cut into our chests before "smog alerts", senior memories especially graduation night, Union Oil fields, the thrill of the first date, sock hops, Hillside and the Bean Hut not to mention Whirleys, mooning on the freeway.

Who Was Your Favorite Teacher?

I had a few favorites: Jim Hines, such an elegant man with his '49 or '50 yellow Buick convertible who humiliated me when he, very subtly, pointed out in the classroom that I didn't read "Tess of the D'Urbervilles", an event I shall carry with me to my grave. Not to forget Jim Bush who forever chastised Gosney and I for crossing the line in cross country practice with cigarettes in our lips, or was it just Gosney? Great coach. Then there was Mrs Frates who helped me overcome Louis Armijo's screw-up when he didn't place me in with the college bound class when I transferred in in mid-10th grade. Finally, Bert Hathaway just a great and memorable biology teacher. I loved it when the snake that he brought into the class pooped and freaked out several of the females........lessons learned.

Rounscival S.'s Recent Comments

Feb 13, 2017 at 9:30 PM

I'm saddened to see that so many of our classmates have passed away. The frailty of life makes each day that much more precious.

Posted: Oct 23, 2021 at 12:04 PM
Posted: Feb 13, 2017 at 8:54 PM