Walter W. Wilson

Profile Updated: March 10, 2022
What year did you Graduate? 1954
Military Service: Army - 1959/1965  
Where have you lived and where do you live now? VIDA, OR USA
Married, divorced, single? Married-spouse died, Married-divorced, Married
Kids, Grandkids, Great Grandkids? Tell us about them: Step father to Jaini and Jeff (deceased) and father of Sheryl from marriage #1. Step father to Lori More…from marriage #2. Step father to Jeff from marriage #3. Grand daughter Samantha thanks to daughter Sheryl. Grand children Jake and Sophia from (3rd marriage) Jeff. I am extremely proud of all my step children that have become part of my life.
Still working or retired? Highlights you want to share: Retired in 1996 from the Orange County Sheriff Department. President of non-profit organization in Oregon from 2003 to 2020
What years did you attend FUHS?


What Elementary School Did You Attend?

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tell us about your life and travels since FUHS:

Worked at La Habra Photo in downtown La Habra and assisted the La Habra PD with crime scene photography. Attended Fullerton Jr. College, it was a fun and interesting time. In addition to receiving an education I learned to handle a mean snooker cue stick. Became a Reserve Police Officer for La Habra PD. After joining the US Army my experience with the La Habra PD allowed me become a member of the US 6th Army Pistol Team and spend 22 months traveling around the western states participating in pistol shooting matches. Rejoined La Habra PD after my tour in the army. We'll speed this up a little... Did a little 1/4 mile drag racing with my '57 Corvette from those in Orange County, Long Beach, Bakersfield, 1/2 mile at Riverside and the long mile runs on the dry lakes. Owner operator of a small carpet business. High speed ballistics movie photographer for defense contractor Northrup Nortronics. CHP before going with Orange County. Twenty nine years later retired in 1996. Planned retirement years back, purchased home on the McKenzie River in Vida Oregon. Moved to Oregon full time in 2001. Become involved in local politics, involved in several local organizations. Since 2000 redirected my time to the Vida McKenzie Community Center. Began serious fundraisers to support local organization and provide scholarships for the local high school. stay tuned more to come

Best FUHS School Memories:

O' WOW, lets think about that. Some of those memories are better kept to very close friends. Football and basketball games.

Who Was Your Favorite Teacher?

O'boy, this calls for some research: Drafting, photography, machine shop.

Walter W.'s Recent Comments

Dec 25, 2020 at 9:34 PM

Wow, so sad that we have lost so many classmates. Take care, be safe my classmates.