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Mitsui Oba

Profile Updated: September 23, 2021
Mitsui Oba
What year did you Graduate? 1930
Where have you lived and where do you live now? Monterey Park, CA USA
Tell us about your life and travels since FUHS:

Record of Mitsui Oba, U.S., Japanese Americans Relocated During World War II, 1942-1946
Gender: Male
Race: Japanese
Marital status: Single
Birth Year: 1911
Birth Place: Pacific States - California
Project: Colorado River (Poston, Parker)
Assembly: None; The agency assumed that the person went directly to the Relocation Project given or was born in the Relocation Project or listed Manzanar (after June 1, 1942)and other Relocation Projects as the Assembly Center.
Residence Place: Anaheim or Fullerton, California, USA
School Years in Japan: None
Language: Japanese Speaking; English Speak, Read And Write
School Years in Japan Other: None
Education Degree: No Degree
Grade Completed: High School 4 In U.S.
Total Time In Japan: 6 Months But Less Than 1 Year In Japan
Times In Japan: 2 Times-- Not Attending School
Age While In Japan: Between Ages 10-19 & Also 20 & Over
Service Or Pensions: X
Religion: Not Available
Primary Occupation: Farm Hands, Fruit
Potential Occupation2: Colorado River (Poston, Parker)
Spouse Race: No Spouse
Mother Birth Location: U.S. Exc.
Father Birth Location: Japan
Father U.S. Occupation: Farm Operators & Managers; Comparable United States Employment Service Code Numbers 3-00 Thru 3-09 (Part Of 3-37). See Documentation.
Father Occupation Other: Unrevised Forms (Not On Schedule)
Alien Reg Number: Does Not Have A.R. Number And Has Not Attended Japanese Language School
File Number: 20209451122